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Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering - University of Florida Polymer Science Program

About the Center

In 1946 Professor George Butler joined the Department of Chemistry after four years with the Rohm & Haas Company. His research group in polymer chemistry was among the first in academics, and as interest in polymers grew, Professor Butler formed the Center for Macromolecular Science & Engineering in 1970 to coordinate polymer research campus wide. The polymer program at Florida is among the oldest in the United States.

Today the Center is comprised of 19 faculty along with over 120 students and staff operating in four departments on campus. A number of our faculty acquired extensive industrial experience prior to joining the University of Florida.

The Center promotes collaboration among faculty in polymer science and engineering on campus and serves as a conduit between industry, government and our university. We stress a fundamental approach in our research while seeking solutions to practical problems. We pursue excellence in all our endeavors. Our conduct is characterized by ethics, integrity, and honesty.

Our work spans the breadth of the polymer field including synthesis and mechanism, polymer spectroscopy, surface analysis, polymer processing, electronic properties, and polymer rheology. Both specialty and common polymers interest us. We are fully equipped to conduct research in all of these areas.

Faculty in the Departments of Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, and Physics comprise the membership of the organization. Each faculty member operates independently of the Center, and students receive degrees directly from their respective departments. The Center enjoys a reputation of producing competent polymer scientists and engineers well founded in the fundamentals of his or her particular discipline.

More than 45 companies - past and present - have been working partners with us, as has been every major government funding agency, for we have long recognized the interdependent nature of academia, industry, and government. Students clearly benefit from such contact, especially in the later phase of their academic career. We believe these interactions foster professional and personal development for all of us.

Center for Macromolecular Science and Engineering - University of Florida Polymer Science Program
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